Please identify

Such a nice scent - anyone know what it is?


Looks like an evening primrose.

Thanks for your suggestion Kathy but evening primroses are yellow (according to google)

Beautiful capture, very nice details

I think this is Chisya ternata Kunth or easier… Mexican Orange.
Found this by using a great free app called Pl@ntNet.
I have it for Android, don’t know if it is available for iphones.
You can take pictures of flowers or plants while out in the nowhere and when you have internet access again load a picture from your phone into the app and it will find it. Or if you do have internet access you can take a picture right from inside the app.

Thanks for your suggestion although I’m not sure that’s it. I have a Mexican orange blossom and the leaves are a little different. I will check out the app - sounds very useful - ta

What I can see of the leaves looks like oleander, but the flower may or may not be? Not sure. If it is an oleander, they are very poisonous! Deadly.