Please bring the old preview back!

The new preview of VEAI 3.0.0 is terrible. Pixels everywhere. I would like to have the old one just like 2.6.4. This is usuable!


it’s not too bad as long as we can open it with its video player to see the preview

I can still see the pixels which the preview produced. It’s annoying me.

There’s a link somewhere so you can download 2.6.4.

Looks like a first time buyer gets the 3.0 version.

One would think it would be a big turnoff?

Old version? Sure, but why do I have to use the 2.6.4 when I paid for the upgrade? It’s supposed to be an upgrade, not a downgrade. I can ask them to fix it as a customer, if they don’t want to fix it, then they lose a customer that’s all.

And no. I have been a customer for more than 1 year. I know every changes they have made to VEAI.

And yes, it’s a big turn off. Because it’s trash. The preview section doesn’t show the original video. It shows a heavily compressed video just to make the output look better but it’s not better. If you can’t see that annoying, then I suggest you to stop doing video upscaling things.

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The new UI is horrible, during beta it was promised that once it’s released all those issues will be fixed.

Not only is the preview not as useful, it’s laggy, interferes with the video processing making it slower.
In the beta there was a way to prevent it from trying to generate the preview by going into the task view which now is gone too. This makes the actual release less useful than the beta!
The 4 way split comparison is gone. The user “friendly” model picking process now can’t be turned off.

This was a rushed release.
My suggestion: Shelf the new UI for now, leave 3.0.0 be for the moment and backport the new adaptive proteus model and the apollo model to 2.6.
Then finish the new UI till it’s feature complete and has a frame-by-frame preview that’s always in sync.

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I completely agree with you.