Please, add save option TIF, not only TIFF!

My work flow including Corel PSP Pro 2023 is seriously disturbed by keeping the TIFF saving option as the only option, not complemented by TIF. Corel PSP only reads TIF - TIFF results in a totally black rectangle and trying to save exported TIFFs as TIFs in different ways tends not to work anymore (or in any easily understandable way) after the upgrade made to Topaz Gigapixel 7 (7.0.1, 7.0,2 and 7.0.3).

Please, do something about it! Otherwise I could have skipped bying the prolonged license as I did recently.

Agreed. As a temporary workaround I made a batch file that will rename all .tiff and .jpeg files in the current path and all sub folders to .tif and .jpg. The file itself should be the same in both cases btw:
rename jpeg and (321 Bytes)


Thank you very much for your kind and creative assistance! A good and simple idea really. The file seems to be a useful tool for the moment being, giving me my work flow back again. I just hope that there is nothing added to the latest TIFF format that still makes Corel dislike using it after transfer to TIF. I will tell you after having tested it.

However, the final solution must be to include a side-by-side TIF-alternative for exports. Or a sub-option for a joint alternative to let the user tick if either TIF or TIFF is wanted.

If you wonder, I use Topaz Gigapixel AI for mobile phone (JPG) pictures that I resize to exactly Full HD for further editing in Corel PSP (if nessessary). Of coures I am happy for what Topaz Gigapixel AI succeeds to improve just by itself. The TIF is ideal as an intermediate format in this work flow. The end product of the editing will always be JPG files.

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