Pixel 8 pro raw file

when loading pixel 8 pro raw image the pic comes green

DxDiag.txt (112.9 KB)


I have exactly the same problem. This problem occurs with every RAW (dng) file from my pixel 8 pro regardless if they have 12MP or 50MP image resolution.

Lovely. You should report this in the Bugs and Issues.

You’re right. I moved this thread in the Bug’n’Issues section

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I believe it was only released October 12, I would guess that it isn’t yet supported but you can check from both the Topaz Labs website and the LibRAW supported cameras.

And for those who think it is a bug, not so if it isn’t supported.

4th October. How long does it take?

You will have to ask support. Raise a request at the main website.

I meant generally.

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