Photoshop Generator error ... Malware Bytes issue

Just purchased Sharpen AI. Installed on two PCs running Win10. When opening PS, get an error msg “There was a Problem with Generator” . Never had this before, occurs on both machines. Advice please

PS is PS 2020 cc

I am not sure what that message means. Where does it come from? For example, Sharpen AI, PS or the OS?

Please run Sharpen AI as a standalone and go to Help-> Graphics info, press Copy and paste the info here.

Then check the Event Viewer and see if there is a Application event recorded, copy that and post it here also.

I just did a search for you:

Note that these messages are coming from plugins, Adobe that is, being loaded at startup. Instructions are there to disable Generator and read the log.

Error msg is coming from Photoshop. I can dismiss msg and PS works fine. Sharpen AI also works fine as plugin, but slow, or standalone. Msg never happened before Sharpen AI installed

Tried searching this interaction haven’t found any other reports, yet occurred on two different machines

Have you tried looking at the Generator Log?

And if you have Malwarebytes installed disable it:

That is a possibility. Thanks

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Yes, it seems Malwarebytes was the issue, but it never happened before installing Sharpen AI. Workaround is:

Yesterdays update breaks Photoshop CC 2020. PS reports a problem with the Generator function and you cannot export jpg and other picture files. I have tracked the problem down to the Ransomware protection. A work around is to exclude the entire c:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop 2020 folder from Ransomware detection.

I am on MB Update Package 1.0.15934 Component Package 1.0.777

Just updated Malwarebytes today to 4.10, that solved problem too!

Nothing to do with Sharpen AI, all to do with the latest PS CC update and Malware Bytes:

Greetings, all. We’d like to let you know we’ve released a new Beta version which addresses this issue. More information here: