Photoshop action

How can I create a photoshop action using a topaz adjustment? I’ve tried what worked in the past by recording an action and using a topaz adjustment. This method does not work anymore as the preset remains empty with just the name of the plugin I used. Photoshop won’t record what was done in Topaz. Any suggestions would be wonderful!

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Can you explain a little more because I just tried creating a Action in CS6 to use Topaz Studio … add a couple of adjustments and return to CS6 and it was OK.

Note: If you are using Studio to call other Topaz Plugins that will not work in an action.

Thank you for your reply! So, I hit record on a new action I just created. I open topaz studio and add a detail adjustment. I click on Feature Enhancement for example and click ok. Topaz studio closes with my adjustment made as normal. The action will then show “detail” but there is no information in the action. If I then run the action it will open up Topaz Studio rather than applying the action I tried to create. I am unable to batch files. Long story short, the action created just opens up Topaz Studio rather than applying the adjustment.


I see what you mean as you are using a Preset, my suggestion is you go to and click on Open a Request to raise a support request.

Typically I just use Studio and apply the adjustments I require and that seems to work.

Thank you again for your reply! Could you explain how you are doing that to create an action? I have tried just opening up studio and creating my own adjustments rather than a preset and did not get the results you got.