Photos won’t load from plug in extras in Lightroom Classic

I have seen this issue elsewhere but it was closed and the steps provided there did not provide the solution.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Right mouse photo (tif or CR3 file)
  2. Select Edit In > Edit In Topaz Sharpen AI
  3. Topaz Sharpen AI opens and says “Loading Image” but image never loads. (A tif file is created.)
  4. Using the software without Lightroom also never loads the photo.

I wind up having to force quit both Topaz and Lightroom. The photo exist on a network drive and I think also loose access to the network drive until I browse there again. I’ve given all Topaz products and Lightroom full disk access and File and Folder access.

Topaz Photo AI [v4.1.0] on [Mac M2 Max 32 gig RAM, Ventura 13.4]

You posted in Topaz Photo AI section and the problem you have is with another topaz product, please raise a support request at the main website.

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