Photo AI with RAF files from the fuji XH2-S

I have been Photo AI since its conception on an M1 Macbook Pro. I generally photograph birds and animals. I find that I cannot import my RAF files directly into Photo AI as the colours are totally wrong and oversaturated however I also still use Studio 2 and when I import the RAF’s to that program they are more often rendered in a pleasing manner which I would liken to linear raw which allows me to export them in Tiff format and then open in Photo AI so I was wondering whether this was something that others were experiencing?

My other issue is that I find the sharpening aspect of the software to be far too aggressive and always turn it off and either use the denoise or enhance features to get a realistic look which has always been my preference for my images.

I love this software and where it is heading but I so wish that you would also still develop the Studio 2 program as that is still such a usable and intuitive piece of software that is easy for a simple person like me to get my head around. It can produce beautiful photos which I believe look better than most of your competitors, a few of which I also own.

Studio Photo AI would be an awesome programme that would have few peers!