Photo AI Reverting to Original View, Sliders

Since the last update, with some frequency when making changes to the automatic edit in Photo AI, the view reverts permanently to “Original View” and you can’t see what you’re doing until you get it back to Lightroom, and then if it’s bad, you have to start over. Very irritating.
Also before the last update you could just enter numbers next to the slider, but now you have to finesse the sliders themselves. This one isn’t a biggie like the original view problem I mentioned above, but it seems like a step backwards, since you could type in numbers in the earlier versions. On the whole, I liked the product better before the last update.

What version are you talking about?

I was in Photo 1.1.0
I see you now have updated to 1.1.1.
Will that fix either of these problems? I’ll try and see.

Problems still exist in 1.1.1

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