Photo AI plugin to Affinity Photo V2 on MacOS not activating

I can’t seem to get the plugin to work in Affinity Photo V2.

I manually added it to the PS plugins using search folders ‘\Applications’ and plugin support folders '' and I can launch the plugin but I can’t activate it as I keep getting ‘Invalid OAuth state’ back from the Topaz labs website. The stand-alone Photo AI activates without issue.

Please help!

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Hi, I have the same problem. Did someone found a solution for that?

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I have the same problem too.

It seems the Topaz instructions for installing the plugin are inadequate. All it says is to check “Allow unknown Plugins to be used”. But in order for that to work, the plugin would have to be installed in a certain place in Affinity Photos User data, namely ~/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinityphoto2/Data/Library/Application\ Support/Plugins

but it’s not there so doesn’t show up.

But the Affinity Photo docs are a little more complete. It says:

To link to your plugin file manually:

  1. From the Affinity Photo menu, select Settings (or Preferences).
  2. Select the Photoshop Plugins tab.
  3. Under the Plugin Search Folders box, click Add, then navigate to the parent folder that contains the .plugin file.

In this case, it would be “/Applications/Topaz Photo” or “/Applications/Topaz Photo”

Then Affinity says you have to allow access to supporting plugin files:

  1. From the Photoshop Plugins tab, under the Plugin support folders box, click Authorize Global.
  2. The folder dialog will default to root (“Macintosh HD”). You can click Authorize here and access to support files will be applied recursively, or you can specify a particular directory that contains the support files.
  3. Press Close

After all that, the Plugin will show up in the Affinity dialog and you can check “Allow Unknown Plugins to be used”. Then, after restarting Affinity, the plugin will show up in the Affinity filters menu and you can try to use it. But when you do, the problem described by the OP will show up. It will open Topaz but as an unauthorized copy of the app. (If you already have Topaz open, it will open another instance of the app, which is really weird on the mac: you’re not supposed to be able to open an app twice – when you try to open an app that’s already open, the original app should come to the front and a new document should open in it.)

So the unauthorized app invoked by the plugin is in Demo mode, and if you try to Activate it (so you can save results), the OAUTH error described by the OP shows up in your browser.

I just got an answer from the support:

Based on where you get the application from, Topaz Photo AI login will work differently.

The version of Affinity Photo from the Apple Store has issues with authentication because it does not have the correct permissions.

If you would like Topaz Photo AI to work with Affinity I would recommend refunding on the Apple Store and purchasing directly from Serif.

Refund is not necessary. Download of the dmg is possible from as well, even when you purchased it via the App Store.