Photo AI Output format choice in Lightroom Classic

Please give me a choice in which format I want to output the image when using the Lightroom Classic interface.
The choice is present when using Photo AI as a standalone program.
I am retouching thousands of images now and Photo AI creates 150 meg tiff files.
Since I still have the original raw files I would prefer to rather save them in full size Jpg format

Send a JPEG rather than a TIFF from the Edit in dialogs.

Thank you for your suggestion. I have 46 000 images. To convert them all to a full size JPEG, export and then re-import them in Lightroom and then edit in Photo AI will be a humongous task.
I would be very happy if I could simply set a default choice and Photo AI saves the resulting image as a full size JPEG. Or even an option when saving will be great.

(I only have NEF raw files in Lightroom which I send to Photo AI)

Thank you AiDon,
I think I found what you were referring to in the “file copy options” dropdown box.

I now send it as a JPEG and the problem is solved

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