Photo AI / Option to change the output color depth

Hi everyone,

I’m submitting a request to be able to change the output image’s color depth, which is actually set to 64bits - which is very, very heavy for not a big difference with regular 16bits/24bits.
I understand that sometimes we want the best image quality, especially if used in photo editing afterwards. But in many cases, I just want to enhance/upscale pictures to gain details.

For instance :

  • Original PNG : 320×240, 24bits, 160kb
  • Upscaled x6 (directly from Photo AI) : 1920×1440, 64bits, 14,8mb
  • Upscaled x6 optimized (Photoshtop or Affinity Photo) : 1920×1440, 24bits, 3mb

From 64bits to 24bits, I’ve reduced the filesize by almost 5 and we can’t see the difference at all. And this is pretty small picture - it would be even worse with large ones.

So it’d be great to have this option right while saving pictures. :wink: Thanks in advance !