Photo AI on Canon cr3 Drops Some Metadata

When I run Photo AI on Canon cr3 files, some metadata from the cr3 (xmp sidecar file) is not transferred to the dng file created by Photo AI.

1)  The User Comment field does not transfer.
2)  All keywords do not transfer.
3)  The copyright fields do not transfer.

I am running version 1.2.1 of Photo AI.

Data in a XMP file from other applications will never be transferred as Photo AI has no knowledge of what other applications write into sidecar files.

I don’t agree with this. The application that placed the metadata in the xmp file is irrelevant (ExifTool in my case). What matters is that the photographer determined that the data is important enough to place in the xmp file. It is bad form for Photo AI to discard it without a warning to the photographer.

Lightroom handles the metadata in the xmp files correctly. It applies my copyright data, adds my user comment, and my keywords are added to my photo in Lightroom. If Adobe is able to handle the sidecar file, surely Topaz Labs can too.