Photo AI - integrate JPEG to RAW

Is it possible to add JPEG2RAW into Photo AI? I’m using a Mac at the latest system, each time when I need to use J2R I have to switch to Windows to run it and switch back to Mac to continue processing these images.
My beginner drone doesn’t support RAW and I use J2R frequently.

Then save the output as a DNG … note that the DNG is not a RAW image as the output from JPEG to RAW is not a RAW. A RAW image contains sensor data.

Then what’s the point of this application (Topaz JPEG to RAW AI)? JPEG compresses a lot, this application does improve the image quality on most of my pictures.

Try creating a DNG from Photo AI as this is a statement on its future as part of another application …

“JPEG To RAW AI will not receive further updates and the features of JPEG To RAW AI Are being incorporated into Gigapixel AI.”

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A few years ago, I downloaded JPG2RAW and played around with it, but I did not see any marked improvement in the converted images. However, I may have been doing it wrongly.
At present, PhotoAI only has the ability to output a JPG as a TIF. Maybe that will change in a future upgrade, since you can output as a DNG in GigaPixelAI, albeit by setting the scale manually to x1. I have noticed differences in colour output doing this, but I may have been doing that wrongly too.
I don’t know if owners of PAI have free access to GPAI. If not, you could download the free trial to see how it compares for your purposes to the discontinued JPG2RAW.

Would be a really welcome addition! :heart_eyes:

Using j2r before sending to luminar 4 will increase the dynamic range of the final output. (On my pictures)
My general workflow is J2R → Photo AI → Luminar 4

Thank you