Photo AI / Gigapixel AI Recover Faces Hair/Neck Issues

This is a problem that has been reported by others before but never seems to be resolved it is present in the latest versions of Photo AI and Gigapixel AI and i think it relates only to scanned images.
I have scanned images on my Epson Photo Perfection V500 scanner to the jpeg format and when i use face recovery in PhotoAI and Gigapixel AI the top of the hair of the people is not enhanced and the bottom of the neck is not enhanced even though these areas are detected by subject detection.
I use windows 10.
Original Image

After Using Photo AI Face Recovery

I’m sorry it is not as obvious when i post the pictures to this forum

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Many people have commented on this in the past and the devs are said to be working on it.
Quite frankly, given the quality of your image, I’d be a bit less aggressive with the face recovery, since it does look unnatural against the softer focus of the rest of the image.

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Thanks Ray
Hopefully it will be resolved soon as I have a lot of images with the same problem and due to the number of images i have to process i often have to rely on autopilot.
I agree with you the face recovery in this case is a little aggressive.

Hey there @neilculverwell,

If you’re using our apps with film scans, I’m afraid the results for these photos are going to be very hit or miss.

Our apps have been all trained on photography purely from modern-day digital cameras. In essence, this means that when our AI models come across a photo from a film camera, oftentimes it doesn’t know what it’s looking at. This is due to film photography (especially scans of older prints) behaving much, much differently than modern digital cameras. Things like film grain, scratches or tears on prints, and artifacts from scanning, all are factors that our algorithms have not encountered before when they were trained on digital images.

It’s possible for our software to have occasional success when processing film images, but the photographs would need to be extremely low-noise and would need to be free of all other blemishes. I’m afraid that if you are not getting notable results with Sharpen AI, and you’ve tested out all of the parameters within the app, the film photo you are working with is likely unable to be improved further due to the aforementioned limitations of our software when it comes to film photography. Unfortunately, film photography was never a use-case that we intended our software to work with.

Hope this can help clarify things a bit, please let me know if you have any more questions I can answer.