Photo AI crashes w/o opening image

New customer, first Topaz product. Photo AI will not open an image and crashes each time, regardless of whether using as standalone or plug-in. I have raise the issue on 2 occasions with support and have not had an acknowledgment much less a response. Are there so many issues with this software that support is inundated?

I’m also having crashes right as it finishes analyzing the picture. Never got a chance to preview it. I shoot on a Sony a7R IVA, so my exported TIF file can reach 300MB (16bit). I use the native Sony software to do my initial RAW corrections. Maybe that’s why it crashes? Too much for Photo AI to process? I edit on a base Mac Studio, which is plenty powerful. So I doubt it’s a hardware issue. I noticed that if I export from Sony’s Image Ede Editor as a JPG, which still results in 48MB size, it doesn’t crash as much.

I get the same issue either launching from Lightroom or standalone. Crashes as soon as it analyzes the photo. It was working perfectly until I updated to the latest version I’m using a Mac if that has any bearing on the issue.

@stevenblake I have been using Topaz for over a year now, the software has been very stable, and the results are excellent. Agree not very good from the point of view of a new customer, but hopefully, this is just a glitch that Topaz will fix quickly.