Photo AI as part of Photoshop Workflow

I have used to add DeNoise AI as part of my automated Photoshop workflow in two ways.
(1) the filter plug-in of DeNoise AI is added to an Action, together with other actionable items. When I have opened a photo, and press the Action, the Action steps, including the DNAI, will run to the end.
(2) when I have to process multiple photos, I may include the Action in “File > Scripts > Image Processor” : Preferences | Run Action. When run, the script will open the files in a specific folder and do the Action steps, including the DNAI, will run to the end.

Recently I have subscribed Photo AI and wanted to substitute DeNoise AI by Photo AI in the above-mentioned workflow. The Actions could not complete, as Photo AI will wait for me to press “Save to Adobe Photoshop”. When I process over hundred photos, I do not expect to sit in front of the PC over 1 hour and press hundred button! By the way, Photo AI requires more time then DNAI to process a file.

By the way, there were two issues I noted on Photo AI standalone version. (1) Up to v1.0.4, when I loaded many files or second batch of files, the application may close all a sudden. (2) When I enforce Sharpen tool in the first photo, it does not apply to the next and other files in the batch.

I hope these issues will be addressed in upcoming release soonest.