Photo AI and sharpening artifacts

Open and process any photo without “sharpening AI” enabled. Nearly all modern photos suffer from the familiar exaggeration of too much “sharpening.”

I’ve done nothing to the adjustments; the “sharpen” UI switch is in the “off” position.

How can I tame this, especially the effect over on the far right where there are several distinct lines of pixels falsely defining a border? And if you look closely around the knuckle of the middle finger, you can make out a halo of a higher luminance. Here’s the original 1080x705 image.

In the original, those areas exaggerated by Photo AI are actually jpeg artifacts from a small image.
I can certainly understand why Photo AI might be motivated to “sharpen” the area.
I attempted to remove the brightest line of pixels here manually, and it shows.

Some of the AI processes in Photo AI have amazed me by bringing new life to monochrome, kodak-moment, fuzzy pictures by improving or even creating focus where there was none in the original print.
This issue regarding sharpening more modern jpegs is a tough solution to find, however, some tools to minimize the aftereffects of false-sharpening would be nice to have.

Great product!



I’m glad you like the product! Could you upload the original image so I can run some tests on my end and share it with our developers? That’ll give them more info on how to improve the model for the future.

Hi Tim – I’m sorry I don’t have it. I was working in the default-name context of my editor (image1.png, image2.png, etc) with a few photos, and I must have overwritten it after I posted. I’ll make an effort to get another sample.



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Grabbed another low-res jpg. The large one is fresh out of PhotoAi, sharpening off.

Fresh outta PhotoAI

For this particular image, I would actually turn off the Sharpen filter and only use the Upscale filter. Upscale will enhance the resolution and do minor deblur and denoise. Give that a shot and see if you like the results!

Hi Tim - I learn more about the product every day I use it. The issue with jpg boundary noise is manifested well in this sample.

A good example is along the edge of the model’s left shoulder.
The next image is Photo AI’s interpretation of those diagonals. The sharpening is off.
This result is very common among images that I’m forced to work with. Back in the day we called them “jaggies.” When I lost the original full-size image (the first image in this thread), I wasn’t able to convey the issue very well.

I’ve included the full-size here so you can see what I’m referring to. Love the product - keep up the great work.


It looks like the starting quality is causing this. I got the best results by using only Upscale (and no Sharpening) and turn down the strength of the sliders.

Oh, I agree completely - this one starts with the JPEG artifacts at luminance boundaries. I just thought the AI could learn what JPEG artifacts are and lose them. They really stand out on a static and simple background.

After seeing what the program could accomplish with out-of-focus loss of detail, or making up detail where there once was none, I guess I was expecting a lot.

It’ll take time, I’m sure.

Thanks for the input.


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Thanks for your patience and understanding as we improve the program for you!