Photo AI 1.2.9 no longer works with Nikon Z6ii

On an M1 MacBook Air running OSX 11.6, Photo AI 1.2.9 fails when invoked from Lightroom’s Plug-In Extras menu option and NR is turned on. It looks exactly as goofy as when I tried to use your products with HE* RAW files from the Z9, but works fine if I turn off NR and only use Sharpening. See attachments. (Also works fine, including NR, when invoked from the Photo > Edit In… option.)

I would not recommend using RAW remove noise model, select a different one and see if that is better.

Interestingly, RAW Remove Noise is the only noise reduction model available when accessing Photo AI through the Plug-in Extras menu. However, “strong” is selected by default but switching to “normal” seems to work just fine.

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