Perfect Topaz Denoise

I ran some recent tests using Topaz Reduce Noise, AI Clear, Photo Ninja Noise Ninja 4 and Topaz Denoise 6. AI clear was used in the auto mode for the initial run. The test image was a 12800 ISO jpg. For this, NN4 edged out AI Clear because of the color splotches Clear left behind. When AI Clear was changed to High it tied or slightly beat NN4.

Original Sony A55 image:

Noise Ninja 4 result:

Topaz Denoise 6 (older plugin):

AI Clear high:

I then went into Topaz Studio to create a preset that might work even better but using Topaz AI Clear. Using downloaded test files from a Canon 80D (I only have a Sony camera) with ISOs of 200, 3200, 6400 and 12800 I ran tests of my preset.
The ISO 200 was a reference to see If low noise pictures could still benefit since AI Clear also does other functions like sharpen. The results below are a 100% enlarged section of the downloaded shots with the Perfect denoise preset applied. No adjustment was made to the preset, all ISOs had the same adjustment.

ISO 200:

ISO 3200:

ISO 6400:

ISO 12800:

Whole image ISO 12800 after Perfect denoise preset::

I have reduced the image size to make a TSP file using the whole image. This will allow you to open in Topaz Studio and then save the preset. I found that you don’t need to adjust anything at least up to 12800, its automatic. It’s in my Dropbox for download.

The original 6000 x 4000 px test images with noise may be found here: Notice that for each ISO there are 3 images, one with noise reduction (skip), one with NR off and the one on the right is Adobe Camera Raw with no noise reduction (use this one for high ISO).


Thank you for sharing your experiment & results!

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Thanks for the preset. Already added to mu arsenal.

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Ron, thanks much for all the work you have done. Results are quite impressive. I also appreciate that you share the preset. I will for sure check it out.

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I have to add something I found. Apparently Topaz Studio does not save the setting of AI Clear in the preset. Foiled again! You will need to check that the Top AI Clear is set to High for large files (2000 px and up on a side), otherwise Medium. Then if needed, check that the second AI Clear is set to low or auto (it probably will default to auto). Turn on the HD button at the top after checking these settings.

For small pictures the top AI Clear may be set to Medium.
Topaz should fix this.

Between the earlier download that didn’t do anything, and now the explanation that it’s not really the preset you intended, I have no idea what to do with this.

Not sure what you mean. The preset does work but if the first AI Clear changes to Auto it may not be quite as good as it could be. This is a Topaz project file that is opened in Studio. You can then save the preset when you see the adjustment list. So can you see the list of adjustments when you open the file?

The file you provided wasn’t a preset, it was just a picture with several adjustments set at their default values. What values did you intend to be part of a preset? I guess I don’t understand what you mean by a preset.

If you’ve downloaded it, just open it in Studio and click on the image to see the original. You’ll see it does rather a lot. :slight_smile:

Click on the icon in the bottom right hand corner to save it as an effect. You’ll then be able to apply it to your own images - it will appear in “My Effects” in the left hand column.

The values are not set to default. Strictly speaking it’s an effect i.e. a collection of adjustments, with settings, combined so you can add them all at once.

Thank you for sharing. Great experiment!

Thanks! So the Auto settings will need to be changed every time to something else, right?

Once you open the TSP file and save the adjustments as a preset, you can apply that preset to any new picture of yours. I had the first (top) AI Clear set to high but it may revert back to auto when you use it. If it give you great results on a high ISO (noisy) photo then just leave it alone. If there is still some noise you can change top AI Clear to “High”. I would have the HD button in Studio set to on and remember this will take some pretty good GPU processing power.

This preset will outperform any other Noise reduction program I have seen. The picture is processed twice in AI Clear. The included picture is ISO 3200 and is good to test the setup but it can be used for any ISO. For low noise pictures, I would just use one AI Clear fro the pull-down menu.