Pele's Nebula

Pele, the goddess of fire, lightning, dance, wind, volcanoes and violence is the mythical princess of Hawaii. Nebulas, named after the Latin word for “clouds”, much like Pele depicted in art, comes in an extraordinary variety of shapes, and colors making them some of the most spectacular and fascinating objects in our Universe. With this in mind, I wanted to merge the colors of Pele’s volcanic activity along with the colors of Hawaiian sunsets into a mysterious cloud like formation one might see in a nebula.

And, hey now, it’s an abstract right? What do you see?

Happy New Year!


Very well done. I’m not sure what I see; maybe a bird, but if you look at the brown area in the upper part of the image, there is an eyeball.

Very nice colorful abstract… in the center of the image, I see what looks like some kind of furry animal with its head laying down sleeping?

I agree with John - Very nice colorful abstract.