PCM audio export

It would be incredible helpful if TVAI would have a setting to export the audio as PCM, rather than just copying it, or automatically converting it to AAC. Especially when exporting to ProRes, where compressed audio doesn’t make much sense anyway.

Pro Res can only be uncompressed PCM audio.
I can only get Auto audio to work for me on any setting.
It will crash if I try to use anything else.

It’s converting audio to 192kbps AAC for me, when using ProRes and selecting anything other than copy.

That’s a tough request. A 3 hour movie with 7.1 surround channels will not only be bigger than the 4GB limit of most wav encoders/decoders, but also even 2 channels at that length might be pushing the limit.
The best option right now is to just copy the audio. I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard getting TVAI to convert to flac. I have not found anything that can convert it back to something that a standard TV will play though. Maybe if Topaz added a professionally licensed AC3 or DTS encoder with their respective lossless options, that would be best solution.

I mean, I was already taking about ProRes, so it’s not like I’d be concerned about storage space.
And I don’t plan to use it with movies, but to prepare source files for further editing. It would be much easier if TVAI could just convert the audio to PCM by itself, rather than having to convert the audio separately

You can still edit encoders.json to save PCM audio.

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Thanks, that’s even better. I was not aware of the encoders.json file.