Paying for topaz studio plug ins

I am very puzzled. I have all the topaz labs plug ins. i bought the entire package. so why do I have to now buy the texture plug ins or any other plugins for studio. i have texture already. I am thinking all my plugins that I already bought should populate over to topaz studio.

Am I missing something here? I have no idea what is what and what will be eventually populated into studio. I can wait for them no problem because i cannot keep buying and buying the same thing I will eventually have in studio. I see where topaz people are telling me what i need to pay for and what is free but where is my black and white, my textures, my details etc. I have them all so just tell me what you do not plan to add to studio and I will have to buy that. I think studio is awesome software and I thank you for creating it but paying 102 bucks with 50% off when I already paid almost 500 is kinda crazy. You said the studio is free. What do you plan to have in studio that is not in all the other plug ins you already have in topaz labs?

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Explaining it from the viewpoint of another user so my view is not cast in stone. I also have the entire suite of Topaz plug-ins. Eventually, all the plug-ins will migrate to Studio as they are upgraded to achieve a common engine which will be easier to maintain. The upgrades will be free as always but the originals will not be supported. They will be able to used as long as technology allows. The new Studio versions are faster and improved. In the interim, ALL original owned plug-ins are available to use through Studio. The free version of Studio offers some basic Adjustments without charge. It also offers some very limited abilities of some of the features of the plug-ins. The Pro version expands the amount of controls within the Adjustment.but they do not equate to the total functions contained in the original plug-in. At this point, as they are upgraded to Studio, the corresponding Pro versions become activated. At any time, a trial copy of the Adjustment Pro function is available to download for 30 days and can be compared with what the corresponding owned plug-in offers. If it duplicates a function, there is no need to purchase the Pro Adjustment unless impatient. Obviously, if it is something brand new and would be useful to you, you’d purchase it.

Offered both as a standalone and a plug-in, the goal I believe is to eliminate the need for a separate editor down the road for those who do not get into more complex nuances. The tools they need will all be under one roof. When the transferring of the plug-ins to Studio is complete, I expect that new tools and abilities will be added. Studio is an evolving application.

If anyone finds that my take is mistaken, please feel free to correct it.

The plug-ins will eventually be migrated into Studio. Some already have been…some will come later as the software development allows. You do NOT have to purchase the functionality twice.

In the interim, the plug-ins that have not been migrated (eg DeNoise) can be accessed from Studio’s plug-ins menu - similar to the legacy method before ala PS or LR.

The plugins you have already purchased are available via the Plug-ins menu. Some plugins such as Clarity, Detail, Glow, Impression and Simplify have already been Update into Studio … and should be available under your effects meny.

For Texture Effects it has NOT yet been updated and you can see from the application it is not just the Texture functionality that needs to be migrated but other effects as in the screenshot below … when TE is updated you will be notified by email and, as mentioned previously, you can ‘Try Pro’ and have a 30 day trial.

Thanks very much pretty clear now.

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thanks for taking time to reply. I understand now

Hmmm… does that mean Topaz will no longer upgrade and support their plugins for use with Photoshop and Lightroom?

As stand-alone, yes, that is exactly what it means.

Good question with an uninformed answer. In the case of current plug-ins that have been upgraded to Studio versions, I would anticipate that support for Photoshop and Lightroom would continue as usual. Photoshop and Lightroom are prime applications for the majority of users. When it comes to the original plug-ins, I’d think it would depend more on what changes Photoshop and Lightroom came up with. Users can still download the original plug-ins, instead of the Studio upgrades, in the case they don’t use Studio and need a replacement file for some reason. As far as upgrading them to accommodate some change that Adobe comes up with down the road, I suspect it would depend on when that change took place and what was entailed but eventually as Studio develops and time passes. they would eventually become obsolete.

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Studio can be called as a plugin. So when all the plugins are migrated to Studio - and no longer supported/upgraded as stand-alone - you should be able to run Studio as a plugin and run all the adjustments from there.

I do this now in Lightroom running either the InStudio adjustments for the migrated plugins (Clarity, Detail, Glow, Impression) or the stand-alone plugins for the rest. All from one call to Studio from LR. And it all works as well and with similar effort as before Studio came along.

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Elaeanore, that was quite the confusing answer you wrote.

TL has openly stated that the legacy plug-ins are frozen as far as future development. And they won’t continue to be offered to new customers after they have been migrated to Studio.

As Scott points out, eventually all plug-ins with be migrated into Studio…and Studio can be called as a mega plug-in.

However, the OP’s question appears to be in reference to the Legacy plug-ins, not Studio. It’s fairly obvious they will continue to update Studio.

Except that now if you buy e.g. Impression in Studio you get a licence key for Impression 2. Things change all the time!

When did that policy take effect? For all legacy plug-ins? If they had done that from the start it probably would have reduced the amount of confusion.

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Sorry if my answer was confusing…I am a user and not privy to Topaz future plans nor do I use Photoshop or Lightroom. My Editor hasn’t changed the way it handles plug-ins in all the years I’ve used it. I’m not sure that is the case with Photoshop versions or Lightroom. I interpreted your inquiry as not intending to migrate to Studio. Since all the older plug-ins are expected to be upgraded to Studio versions, they would continue to be supported. There is a link to the legacy versions available…

I’m so confused (and it seems like quite a few others are too!).

Is Topaz saying that they are going to cut off all the customers who use PS and LR?

Isn’t that a LOT of potential customers?

I know someone said you could use Studio as a plug-in in PS… (to run programs that had been running in PS as a regular plug-in) but if I were a PS user… and a new potential customer of Topaz products… and saw that in order to use the company’s plugins I HAVE to use a host program between PS and the plug-in… well, I would bet many folks would look elsewhere for plugins.

So, I really hope I am misunderstanding what Topaz is doing - it would seem like a very poor business decision to alienate the large customer base of PS and LR users.

Photoshop and Lightroom will be supported as always.

Using it as a plug-in in PSP…what I get under Effects - Studio…is a list for each of the currently upgraded plug-ins to be brought up individually as well as one for Studio which brings up the whole Studio interface where all of the plugins, old and new can be accessed.

The only difference is that you would call the plugin as part of Studio, it is still a regular plugin.

You have Detail, Clarity, Glow, Impression and Simplify which have been updated to be part of Studio. You still call say Detail as a separate plugin, it just opens Detail in Studio.

For LR it just means you will no longer use Fusion Express but use Studio.