Panorama of the "Vieux Montréal" from the port - at the Blue Hour!

Mode Manual; ISO: 80; tripod. 8 photos stiched with Arc Soft Panorama Maker. Post processing in Studio Topaz. Thank you for viewing, comments and suggestions.



Lovely image …

Great looking pano and Blue hour color.
It looks perfect at the small size but when enlarged I do see very ‘minor’ halos around some of the buildings, nothing drastic but maybe enhanced by your sharpening of the image?


You are right. I must say that working with a big panorama size is very tricky. I tried different thing to minimize the halos that you said. But after tries, i choice to priviligiate some halos and the printing results is acceptable. Thank you for your constructive comments. Pierre.

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great PP - just love this pano

Yeah, halos seem to find their way into an image and can be very tricky to deal with. Like I mentioned … the minor one’s I saw made no major impact on the very nice looking result.