Palm Grove - Keauhou Bay, Hawaii

Aloha One and All,

After spending a month in the Amazon and another month in Alaska and the Gulf Islands I decided it was time to look again, with refreshed eyes, at my local surroundings. Here’s something from yesterday and my first attempt to use Topaz Studio. Let me say again, It is really great to be home


Aloha @CabanaBoy sounds like you had some wonderful travel destinations, but being home is always great especially with living in Hawaii. This image has nice strong painterly strokes, style and colors.

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Beautiful painterly effect …


Nice work Doug…yes sleeping on one’s own pillow is delicious. You have represented your home islands well. Curious, where you were in the Amazon? Did you travel down the river itself?

Hey, you did well. It looks just like a painting.

We were in the Amazon River Basin and traveled on the Alto Madre de Dios River, the Madre de Dios River and the Manu River into the Manu National Park. The wildlife and especially the variety of birds was incredible.

Great processing, it really makes me think of Hawaii!

What a wonderful experience…and the abundance of flora and fauna is staggering. We were on the river a few years back and just mesmerized by the abundance. My wife originally arrived by canoe coming up river from Colombia and as a young lad I navigated the river from Iquitos to Belem do Para with numerous stops along the way. Until you are on the Amazon you can not appreciate its magnitude and its magnificence. The basin is the lungs of our world and we can not let it be trampled in any way.

Thanks for coming to Perú and enjoying one of its many beauty spots.

Thanks! I’ll post an image or two of some of the birds I was able to capture.