"Paintings" in B&W


Thes have a naive quality that I like


evocative and the first one has a truly third dimensional feel

Great perspectives, captures and treatment …

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Nice effect Flick …

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Thanks to Mond, Terry, Bob and Don. Mond, I really like your phrase “a naive quality” and agree that it well describes most of my results when taking treated color images to B&W. Whereas B&W photos are distinctly different than colored photos, B&W treated images seem to me to be more similar to the color images, but, as Mond says, more naive. You have stripped more than just the color, but have lost some meaning as well. Or perhaps it is the Glenfiddich 18 speaking…

@Mond, @el48tel, @BobKramer, and @AiDon


absolutely so!

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Wonderful choice for these images in the b&w format…well done.

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