Paid Module Add-Ons for Video Enhance AI

First post on this forum so hopefully this is in the right category if not I apologize in advance.

I believe Video Enhance AI would benefit from several “Add-On” modules for those that actually want to pay for additional functionality.
This is similar to how Gigapixel, Denoise, and Sharpen are all separate “modules” that enhance image quality in their own way.

For Video Enhance AI, I can think of at least two modules/add-ons:
(1) Video Restoration Module add-on similar to Neat Video (particularly dust, scratches, and flicker)

This seems like something that could be integrated and useful to add to Video Enhance AI.

(2) Colorization from B&W Module using AI
Code is already out there on GitHub and Colab so adding this as another paid module seems very doable. Here are just a few links showing it is already done in Python and I believe that Topaz labs could improve and refine AI Colorization.



Huge thumbs up for this. I’m not good at color grading, so I’m avoiding Davinci Resolve. But if VEAI can do this, I would pay $200 for this feature if needed.


I agree and its good to know that others see the value in this as well. I would drop $200+ in a second for features like this. I also think it expands the potential market base of VEAI beyond filmography to materials science, biology, physics, securitycamera? etc. A lot of footage is taken at low resolution in B&W using CCD specialty cameras (in the sciences) so being able to remove scratches on the objective (or lens), remove noise/flicker, and use AI to color video would make this an extremely powerful add-on.
I looked around and Vegas Pro 18 has a primitive AI colorization tool (maybe just implemented in this version?):
But I am not a huge Vegas fan and I think most people would be turned off by the regular $600 price. This is why paid add-ons make sense for AI features like this.

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You know Resolve can do much much more than just colour right? You don’t have to touch the colour page if you don’t want to.

I do have a feature I would happily pay for if VEAI could integrate it: automated object detection & blurring. I.e faces & license plates. I do long drives or walks with 360 cameras and so my video captures 100s if not 1000s of faces & license plates along the way. As I’m in Europe I have to de-identify all such objects before posting the video. There is already a github project that can do this automatically with images. And looking now I see many products claim to do the same but none are from recognised software houses that I’d actually trust with the process or workflow. Would be amazing if it could be integrated into a video upscale or enhance pass in VEAI.

I would pay for video colorization for sure!