"Over She Goes"

Lizzie has fast become a great hiking companion. (And she adores Ellie!) Topaz Studio, a Landscape Preset of mine; Selective Color to boost the greens a tad.


I enjoyed this image, almost thinking it could be one of mine. Lizzie looks like she could be either one of my fur babies… Muffin, my late Maltese or Maggie, my current Havanese who adores her Ellie too. :slight_smile:

Lizzie is a 3.5 yr old Havenese that we got 3 weeks ago. She will have lots more hair (but that is another story).

Maggie is 4. She had a beautiful coat when it was kept long but her outdoor activities and the daily grooming that was required, soon convinced me that since she wasn’t a show dog…clipping was preferable. I suspect if you like to take walks in the woods, you may make the same decision. I keep her tail, beard and ears more traditionally longer. Good luck with Lizzie. Havanese have wonderful dispositions and attach themselves to their owners like glue. This is what Maggie might look like any given morning after going out to do her business… :grin:.