Outputted Video Loses Contrast

When my videos finish rendering using Artemis High Quality at either 100%/200%, the output visibly loses contrast with each iteration. Sometimes I denoise a video first and then upscale, the denoise has a slight loss in contrast over the entire video and upscaling it makes the grey film worse. I’m using .mp4 video files, I have a feeling that the encoding of them is different than what VEAI wants or there’s a bug within VEAI. Any help/suggestions are appreciated.

For now, most people are setting the output to jpg, or something larger.
I like to think this is known and will be fixed in the next version, but it may not.

I have the same issue - low contrast after upscaling from HD to 4K with Artemis Mid Q Progr

My conclusion is that the video file your using isn’t encoded correctly with the right settings for whatever reason, what exactly they are I have no clue. Videos I record on OBS have this problem ,but importing/exporting it out of Premiere Pro fixes it.

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