Output size in JPEG to RAW AI?

Hi. I’m new to JPEG to RAW AI, and a novice in image processing.

My input jpg image is 2433 x 3150 (@ 3.5 MB). The output dng is 197 x 255 (@ 44.1MB).

I’m not concerned about file size in this case. I was surprised that the dimensions changed so drastically. I tried it twice just to make sure.

Is this normal? Can someone please explain?

(And should I be using dng or tif or tiff? Or does it not make a big difference?)

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

The pixel dimensions of the saved image should not be (and probably isn’t) changing. If I open a 1704pc by 2272px JPG in JPEG to RAW AI, then save as a DNG, the DNG image is still 1704px by 2272px.

I suspect you are reading the properties of the DNG file using Windows File Explorer properties->details. Unfortunately, for DNG that doesn’t show the full size of the image, even for DNG’s produced by Adobe Digital Negative Converter. If I remember correctly it is showing the size of a preview image embedded in the DNG file.

I suggest you check the RAW image size using software that supports RAW developing. (Photoshop, Affinity Photo, ACDsee etc).