Output Sharpening

Photo AI has got very good at improving image quality with de noise and sharpening. I’d now like to see output and maybe creative sharpening added. Print sharpening might be the easiest to implement. I’ve tried Nik Output Sharpener 3 but it seems to also sharpen the noise. I often do some creative sharpening and detail enhancement and think AI could handle a lot of it.

@richard_m_h I’m glad you’re liking the results of denoise and sharpen!

Could you elaborate more on what you’re trying to accomplish with creative sharpening? Photo AI lets you mask specific areas of the image you want to sharpen if that’s what you’re thinking of.

PAI is one of the early steps in my editing and I do creative sharpening after I’ve adjusted the tones and colours. Its how I try and move someone’s eye around the image. Or to separate the subject from the background. Often I use a high pass filter for the subject and play with the blend mode. And maybe reduce the contrast of or blur the background.

Probably more interested in output sharpening as that could save on test prints.

An image I’m working on at the moment.

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