Output log of exact settings

It might be nice to have the option to output a TXT file that has the same file name as the exported asset so that the user could know the exaxt settings that were used for that file. For example, I often queue up several exports of the same source but with different outputs and then let them all run while I do other tasks. it would be nice to be able to look at them side by side when they are done and compare and then know what settings were used in the one I like best. An extension/option of this idea would be to then load those settings back into Video AI for the start of another run/batch encode session.

This information should be preserved in the metadata. Do you happen to have MediaInfo?

I have it and have used it before ~ I guess what I was after was an easier, less cumbersom way to see what settings I used for any particular export, and then optionally re-apply those settings to other clips on that same basic ‘formula’.

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100%. Also would be just as helpful if the export queue remained after restart, and I’d delete all the ones I considered “fails”, just keeping the good ones. Same problem, but different solution.

@ida.topazlabs Thanks — this is missing some crucial data like the version of the app and version of the model, if any. It only lists “recover original” being set to 100, but ignores the Add Noise setting next to it, as well as any of the actual Iris settings like Revert Compression, Improve Detail, Sharpen, Reduce Noise, Dehalo and Anti-Alias/Deblur.

Luckily I name all my files with these numbers on them — but I now have a great example of two files that look different but with all the same metadata and names. The “good” one, the one I want, is the older one. I’d love to know what version of everything I had at the time. All MediaInfo can tell me is that the good one is 0.803 bits per pixelframe, and the nearly-as-good-one is 0.804.

The source file is also only a filename with no path, but luckily the metadata also shows the timestamp in UTC.

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