Output frame rates - Too few options PAL

The idea of frame interpolation is to manipulate the original frame rate to a different one where Topaz Video AI can create new frames where possible. You have an input frame rate (as shot), and you can set an Output Frame Rate. In US the standard is 60 Hz, and in Europe it’s 50 Hz, where 30p is 1/2 of 60 (NTSC), and 25p is 1/2 of 50 (PAL). The cinema standard is 24p.

Topaz Video AI has a dropdown with the possible output frame rates, and as of current, it’s almost exclusively dedicated to NTSC, where you have an almost complete list of 30p, 60p, 90p, and 120p available for choosing.

Topaz Video AI_V4.0.7_output frame rates

For PAL, there’s only 25p, and nothing else to choose from, except if the original shot is with a higher frame rate. Then the original frame rate can be chosen, but other than that…nope.

Many modern cameras can shoot (PAL) natively in 25p, 50p, 100p, and 200p. I would like to have those included as native options in the Output Frame Rate menu as well. The main benefit of VEAI Frame Interpolation is to have the possibility to convert between standards and speed up/slow down fluidly, but we need also the full and complete range of standard Output Frame Rates as well…

i´m not sure that a dropdown would be needed. accepting (any whole digit) numerical values as input should be allowed. after all, noone can really predict what odd framerate you might need for your next project.

You should be able to manually insert not only whole digits, but any (reasonable) number.

Apparently this is the case if you have American keyboard layout but not if your keyboard uses commas as decimal separator. Which really is awkward for a paid software.

Also there should be a 2x and maybe also other multiplicator settings as 4x, 1/2x for those odd numbers - as we have with upscaling.

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The frame rate settings of NTSC/30p range is very well covered as menu options. NTSC is also where the majority use a US keyboard. What’s missing is the same range of menu options for the PAL/25p range which is most commonly used in Europe. The options should obviously be as good for European users as it currently is for the US community.

Excuse my ignorance, but what’s missing? 50 and 100? Those can be typed in to the drop-down and are far easier to remember then 59.54 or whatever double that lower frame rate is that’s something like 29.967.