Output files does not have a thumbnail, when viewed from windows file explorer. Anyone else?

Hi all,

Every video that I run through Topaz Video Enhancer AI, will not have a thumbnail preview.

As you see in the pic, 3 vids have been processed via Topaz, and that last video (Demo) has not been processed

Please unhide the file extensions. Not that it will help with thumbnails, but can reduce general confusion while using Windows.

(And I really shouldn’t have commented here because I turned off thumbnails in Windows XP, and have not regretted doing it on every other computer I own since.)


If they’re prores files with .mov extension they won’t have thumbnails.

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they are .mp4 vids

brodski i think crf 1 will give a thumbnail, crf 0 not.

Your TVEAI encoder settings and a MediaInfo report for one of the files might give a clue to the issue.

I dont see any Encoder Settings or Media Info report.

ArtndFun though helped me find that Topaz Video AI version 3.x is not showing thumbnails but version 2.x does show thumbnails.

I’m referring to the encoder settings on the right side of the of the UI where you set how you want the video to be processed.

MediaInfo is a free program that gives alot of details about a video file (it’s also built into MPC-HC player). It’s not part of TVAI.

I dont see anything. :confused:

Maybe you see something?

I dont think the encoder has anything to do with it, but if you want to look

If you look at the very bottom of your settings image (you can scroll down in the program to see the rest of the encoder settings), you can see your using the VP9 codec. Your MediaInfo report for the mp4 confirms this. VP9 wasn’t an option in v2 of TVEAI.

So I guess your operating system doesn’t have the VP9 Video Extensions installed from the Microsoft Store to generate thumbnails in explorer.

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Okay yeah it looks like youre on to something.

So I didnt find anything in the Microsoft Store quickly, but I did discover about a thing called Icaros Thumbnails and that did it.

Not exactly what I was hoping for (I didnt want to install 3rd party apps) but that solves it.

Thanks alanhusband