Other Previews match Cropping and Zoom

Topaz Video AI v3.0.6

Say I have 4 previews.

Looking at #4, I find a certain area of interest. I want to Press the new Crop/Zoom [Lock] button - located next to #4 controls.

Now when I select any of the other 3 Previews - they will all conform and display their views - to match the desired [Lock] view - created in #4.

Pressing the hi-lited [Lock] again - toggles OFF the ‘matching’ function.

Each Preview created - would have its own an inactive [Lock].

There would only be one master [Lock] state - at any given time. Others are turned off - if a new [Lock] button is selected.

Will make comparisons so much better…

Just to make sure: You want the ability to lock all the previews to the same frame for easy comparison?
I’m sure implementation would be more complex than that, but the basic idea would be great.

I’d settle for 1 Preview. :crazy_face:

Let’s say there is only ONE movie clip open.

I made 4 previews (each with different settings).

Preview #4 is currently active. While scrolling around the image - an area of interest is found.

A zoom is done, to focus in - on a particular detail.

If there was just a single [Match] button, that when pressed - the other 3 previews would automatically match the display characteristics - that #4 is currently showing.

Hope this concept description is better… :slight_smile:

i will tell you how i made my settings in my thread in this forum.

i got a resolution pattern in youtube that shows white background and horizontal and vertical lines, a test pattern not a picture of something.

then i got a low resolution version in 640 i think, i think it was 640 it was really low resolution. i upscaled it to 1080p.

then i went into mode = proteus - fine tune/enhance
i set all the and parameters = manual

then i set all the sliders to the far left so its off.

the video clip is only 20 seconds long so processing it takes no time.

starting with the bottom slider, anti aliasing/deblur, i set this to 0, then increments it by 10 till i got to 100 then i took screen shots using mpc player from k lite codec pack.
its all one picture so i just open the video, file take screenshot, save to folder then compare all ten pictures to find the best looking one.

then i kept that settings and went to the next slider above that, dehalo, this one is important when its off you might see halos around the bars on the image, then you set the dehalo higher until the halos disappear around the bars.

you will need to readjust this as you make newer adjustments to the image on the other sliders this one is critical to readjust for when you adjust a slider and it makes halos appear around the bars and where the bars intersect.

then each time you set a slider you go to the next slider keeping the settings from the other sliders and adjusting dehalo accordingly.

i would have liked to have a option i scroll through the video take a timestamp and each time in adjust the video and encode it when i close topaz labs sw then reopen it i can go back to the same timestamp of the video to make comparing screenshots from previous videos easier. but some frames are ugly, so adjusting to these ugly frames wont work regardless of your settings it better to use a resolution pattern.

heres my settings btw😁

ai model = proteus - fine tune/enhance
parameters = manual
revert compression = 10
recover details = 20
sharpen = 10
reduce noise = 50
dehalo = 100
anti aliasing/deblur = 7
add noise = 0

Okay cool. That would be really useful!

i got some test patterns off youtube, this one is good for testing halos 😶(4K) Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness and Color Calibration Help. - YouTube

and this one is the test pattern i used 1072p Resolution Test - YouTube

i used jdownloader 2 to download the video and when i added the link to download it let me choose which resolution to download i got the resolution above 360p. then i upscaled that to 1080p like a described.