Original plugin replacements

So, since all the plugins on which I have spent money…lots of money…no longer work and Topaz has no interest or plan for making their customer base whole…what is a good package to buy that mimics or comes close to Adjust and DeNoise, specifically the Dynamic Pop filter in Adjust? Has anyone been able to replace what we’ve lost with Topaz? I used to call it my secret sauce and now my images are ‘missing something’.

Most any photo editing package today has those features. Look at Luminar Neo

Thanks Fred, I will check that out as I am earnestly and desperately searching for something to replace the plugins I have used for the last 12 years. I have been so happy with topaz that I have not kept up with what else might be on the market, so I’m very much at a loss as to what to do. My only idea is to keep a laptop with an older OS so that my plugins continue to work but that is not ideal…it’s an additional step and a lot more time in post.

All the plugins work fine on a new win11 pc for me.

Oh wow, they do? I use a Mac and none of them work for me unless I use my laptop with an older version of the OS meaning I can never update that laptop. It’s super irritating :rage:

You can create a “virtual machine” on the MAC and install Windoze in that machine, and then install the old legacy apps there… If you use Parallel’s product you can drag stuff between the two OSs…

Whoa…what?? lol…all of that is way over my grade but it sounds intriguing, I will look into it. I wonder, since I already have the MAC versions if I can download the WIN versions at no charge…hmmm. If I can make that work, it would probably be easier than moving between a desktop for most of my edits and then the laptop for Topaz. Easier still would be to find a software plugin that does work on MAC and ditch Topaz completely. From this blog, it sounds like the new AI doesn’t even work so, why would I stay with Topaz at all?

What new AI doesn’t work? For me, Photo AI and Video AI, then DeNoise, Sharpen and GigaPixel all work fine. Please temper your statements with facts.

PS … It’s not a blog but a forum.

And, also, why are you complaining about Topaz as you are saying your OS won’t run the products you have. Complain on the Apple forum and they may be able to point you in the right direction, or, if Adobe is involved try their forum.

Obviously you have tried apps like Rosetta … Apples compatibility app.

Never heard of Rosetta. Good suggestion though, I will ask on the
Apple forum.

Ok, apologies and that’s good to know. I just reviewed other threads in this site and saw a number of people saying AI crashes, AI this, AI that…I have no personal experience with it so I don’t know anything other than that. Still, what is being done to replace the Legacy Plug-ins…anything? I feel somewhat robbed, after spending all the money I spent purchasing them and being told I would own them forever at no charge for upgrades, only to turn around after 10 years of building a workflow around them and find they are no longer available to me and topaz really doesn’t seem to care. There doesn’t seem to be any remedy for the problem, which forces me to look elsewhere for something that works. Again, I am sorry if I offended you.

They are no longer available to me but I can still download my versions.

Photoshop 6 has no more upgrades from Adobe and I can no longer download a copy as with LR 6.

So I have switched to Affinity Photo for pixel based manipulations.

I only use Topaz original filters on phone images as the era of that type of image adjustment is now available in Generative AI applications.