Organization of Topaz apps

Topaz has installed several folders in my Applications folder. It seems disorganized.

There’s a folder “Topaz Labs” with several sub-folders as well as photoFXlab, Adjust 5, Fusion Express 2, Simplify 4, and TopazSoftwareManager

There’s a folder “Topaz Labs LLC” with Adjust AI, DeNoise AI, Gigapixel AI, Mask AI, and Sharpen AI

There’s a folder “Topaz Studio 2” with Studio 2 and UpdateManager

Topaz Impresion 2 is an app without an enclosing folder

Can I put all these apps in one folder? How about components.xml, InstallationLog.txt, network.xml, and three files for UpdateManager? How about the folders Licenses, Common, Docs, Installation, photFXlab, Plug-ins, and pluginApps? Where does jfd_Skin_FixSoft-1.tpp go?

I would appreciate your advice.

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Remember to say what OS you are using, I guess it is Mac OS?

Mac OS X 10.15.6

My advice to you, unless a Mac user can step in, is to uninstall the ones you want moved and reinstall.

  • I would change Topaz Studio 2 Folder to install into the Topaz Labs LLC top folder and;
  • Topaz Impression 2 in a folder of the same name under Topaz Labs folder.

These are the recommended locations.

As I am not a mac user I cannot advise on just moving folders but you could ask by submitting a support request at the main website.

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As described by tn-22914] I’m using Windows 10 and Topaz programs are installed in too many different folders-too disorganized and a pain to link them to a host program. I know this forum is for support but if any Topaz programmers read this perhaps they can develop some consistency into one installation folder.

What folders? Not including the legacy products which won’t be updated, you can change the install folders to suit how you want to organize your PC or you can accept to the default which is Topaz Labs LLC but I think JPEG to RAW and Adjust AI default to Topaz Labs folder.

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