Order of operations


Been using Photo AI for a couple of weeks and I absolutely love it!

I am a Landscape Photographer, I shoot in RAW and edit in Photoshop. I want to incorporate Photo AI into my workflow and I was wondering if there is a correct order of operations i.e. Edit first or enhance in Photo AI first?

I almost always use Denoise and Upscale, sometimes Sharpen if it needs it. My end goal is producing High Quality Prints.

So far I’ve been editing first with great results. But what about the other way around? It occurred to me that since I’m going to be using Denoise and Upscale on nearly everything, maybe I would get even better results if I did that first, then my edits?

I’m going to test that very thing now but while I do I figured I’d ask what the consensus is.


Hey there!

This one is a tough one to answer definitively and really just depends on your individual workflow. If you find that you denoise files regularly, then starting with Topaz Photo AI may be in your best interests – the denoising algorithm will work best on RAW files.

Save your image out of Topaz Photo AI as a DNG file, and then you can continue editing in Photoshop’s Adobe Camera RAW editor.

This is up to individual interpretation, of course, so if you find that you like doing the opposite more, then that’s completely okay :smiley: