Options besides "auto" in Adjust Lighting and Balance Color

Like many others here, I use other software for complex lighting and color adjustments, but often just want to make a minor change. Since TPAI is my first processing stop for most noisy, high-ISO, small, or unsharp images, it would be nice to make the simple changes there. This way more images would not need any work other than what is done in Topaz.

Specifically, the color and lighting options in TPAI are based on some automatically-guessed needs. But these are often not the ones that would be needed. So if a photo is a little washed out, changing contrast, brightness, and/or gamma can often fix this. But, if the software thinks the whole image should be made brighter, that is the only thing it will do (or its opposite if the slider is made negative). It would be great if there was a choice to switch from Auto to Manual with basic controls such as those mentioned for tone, and the levels for the three primary colors, and saturation, in addition to the color-temperature slider you have.

If you want to provide more control later, such as levels for tone, or a white-balance eyedropper for color, that would be great, but starting simple would still do most of the job. Complex tone and color will still be done elsewhere for the foreseeable future.

You have have some code modules from Studio or Adjust AI which could be incorporated to reduce the amount of development needed.