Option to always use standard sharpening

Is there a way to use standard sharpening instead of strong? I have some photos that the AI wants to use strong sharpening on, but it looks horrible. The standard sharpening looks so much better. Except I cannot use standard sharpening unless I manually choose it on every photo. I can choose it once and apply it to all photos, but it will use the same standard sharpening values for all, and not adjust the values for each photo.

I have other cases as well where the system chooses strong when it is not the best fit for the photo. If it is not possible, could it be a feature that can be added at a later date?

This was done with standard (automatically chose the values)

This was done with AI choosing the “best” option as “strong”

Hi @imajica! I’m afraid we don’t have a way to do this automatically at the moment, but I’ve moved your post to our ‘Ideas’ forum so we can share it with our developers as a feature request :slight_smile: