Opening .TSP Project File Renders Blank Image

I have begun trying to make somewhat regular use of the .TSP project files (even without benefit of an embedded preview and codec to present it in the op system- hint, hint). Am often getting a blank (black) image window when opening a .TSP file. The thumbnail in the workspace is intact, as you can see.

Previously discovered that if I hit “Duplicate” on the project just opened, and then immediately delete the dupe, the image for the original project pops in. However, just updated to 1.10.5 today and loaded an existing .TSP file and nothing will move me beyond a blank image window - not zooming in/out, applying an adjustment, duplicating & deleting, no action on the file…

It’s crippling to not be able to get back to these files.


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Can you go to Help-> Graphics Info, click Copy and paste the copied information in a reply here.

Please also confirm that your system meets the minimum requirements listed here:

Thanks, Don- should have included that. I am long past the graphics engine issues with Topaz (or better be!). :slight_smile:

Topaz Studio Ver: 1.10.5
Operating System: Windows 10
Graphics Hardware: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti/PCIe/SSE2
OpenGL Driver: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 391.24
CPU RAM (MB): 16350
VRAM [Total, Used] (MB): 4096, 3242
Preview Limit (Pixels): 5820

Try updating the drivers to 397.31 and see if that makes a difference.

I should also include here that if/when I get the image to pop in, any subsequent TSP file I open in that session is without issue.

Hmm. I’m usually pretty religious about that- didn’t realize they were behind. But for as long as I’ve been dealing with this, I’m doubting it. Stay tuned…

OK, just completed a driver update and reboot.

Double-clicked a TSP file in Windows Explorer to launch Studio. File opened fine. Immediately went to Open Recent on the file menu to open another, random project file. It, too, opened fine. Closed both of those files.

Went back to Windows Explorer and double-clicked another TSP file. It opened as you see in the first pic below.

I then clicked “Duplicate” in the workspace to dupe that project. Second project instantiated with a good image window. Immediately deleted that dupe project, and the initial project image window then popped in as seen in the 2nd image below - a random result. Sometimes these dupe/delete steps simply result in a solid black image window- as you see in my original post.

All I can say is it is strange, my advice is to open a request at this page and see what tech support say … being a random occurrence is usually difficult to find but the programmer who developed TSP files may be able to help through the Tech Support area …

Thanks, Don. I’ll do that.

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I seem to have the same symptoms as Bill, but with TS 2.
I’m trying to open project files created in previous versions of TS2.
Click the images to see it full size.
This one shows the filters and masks open, but with a blank preview screen.

Here the Looks are as normal, but with no preview to edit from.

Here the Navigator window shows the image.

And here the Side by Side preview works, one side only.

Application & Version: Topaz Studio 2 Version 2.0.13

Operating System: Windows 10 (10.0)

Graphics Hardware: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti/PCIe/SSE2

OpenGL Driver: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 436.30

CPU RAM: 16361 MB

Video RAM: 4096 MB Total, 3442 MB In Use

Preview Limit: 6020 Pixels

CPU i7-2600

Project files created in 2.0.12 & the current .13 open AOK.
The problem is with older version .ts2 files.
The same thing happens with the Nvidia Studio driver.

Does anyone have any ideas??

First thing I can suggest, because I was having a problem with another app with that game ready driver with black renders, I then went back to the 431.86 Studio driver for my GTX1050 and there are no problems.

If you have GeForce Experience installed, install from there or download from the NVIDIA web site, if that doesn’t help raise a support request at the main website and send the Project file as well.

Thanks Don. I thought we were onto something with the new Studio driver, but the black preview remains.
I’ll put in the support request.

PS Don. I found that by resaving the .ts2 files which wouldn’t preview with another name, I’m now able to open them successfully.
Maybe it has something to do with the new driver.

For any referential value, I’ll note that I have recently updated from 436.15 to 436.30 for the 1050Ti and have had no issues with either one on any Topaz product.

However, I have had one interesting discovery recently that I’ll share for any potentially tangential reference value.

I have always operated with two displays- a 1920x and a 3840x. The 1920 has been the Primary. When TS2 was released, I was unable to run it, though I had had no issues with original TS. It would hang on the startup screen (attempting to come up on the 3840x). Had an open ticket on it for a long time with no resolution.

Then one day I discovered that the issue was with the two displays. When I dropped either monitor from the configuration, issue with TS2 went away. Also discovered that I could simply make the 3840x the Primary and the issue went away. Now my current config. I often wondered after that discovery how much that might have contributed to other TS display issues I had over time. Since that discovery, I’ve had no further issues of any kind, though I still don’t understand why the issue.


Doesn’t look like it, hope you have a copy of the original that gave the issues and you didn’t overwrite it when you re-saved :slight_smile: