Opening NEF files

For many years, my workflow has relied on .nef opening directly into Camera Raw, but lately Topaz apps are interrupting the flow and are intercepting these files. Short of removing my Topaz apps from my HD, how can I prevent this?
This is on an iMac running OS10.14.6

Are you able to go into Camera Raw and tell it to retake ownership of the NEF filetype? That’s how you would do it under Windows, but I’m not a Mac user. Topaz apps should not have taken over the NEF filetype without asking, but it sounds like they did.

After reading your reply (Thank you!) I went back and re-examined CR prefs and found file info on .jpeg, HEIC, and .tiffs. Nothing about .nef. Easy in Bridge to select supported file types, not in PS.
I can manually drag .nefs into PS which opens them in CR, but it’s a PITA.

Problem solved: Click on .nef image icon> Get Info> Open with: (select Photoshop XXXX app). “Use this application to open all documents like this one” . Change All…
This apparently returns the default process I’ve been used to. Thank you!