Only returns the image to the date folder

Using Lightroom Classic. Working on an image from a Collection. Right click an image to send it to Topaz Studio V1.14.5. Make a few changes. Hit the save button. Go back to Lightroom…get a No Image Selected Message. Only way to find image edited in Topaz is to go to the dated folder, the edited image does not show up in the collection it started out in. Pain in the butt to have to go to the dated folder, right click and hit sync every time I use Topaz…

I think the problem stems from using Collections in LR. LR Collections do not actually contain the images that you see in them. They are virtual collections much like the virtual copies you can use in LR. You can have a virtual reference to an image in many collections at the same time and if real images were actually there your storage requirements could rise quickly. When you modify an image in an external program it is always saved in the original folder in LR. If this is not clear ask and I would be happy to explain it further.

Thing is, last time I used Topaz to edit an image it did not do this. The edited file showed up in the collection. I understand fully what you are saying. Just went and tried again. I edited a photo in LR, from a Collection. Sent it to Topaz. Changed a few things. Hit the Save button, upon returning to LR this is what I found.

The original image was no longer in the film strip of the collection, nor was was the edited TIFF. However, when I went to the original dated folder they were both there. Just to clarify this…the image got removed from the collection. I tried on another image. When I returned to LR the original image was still in the develop panel…and the TIFF was in the Collection.

Is it possible you did something different during import into LR with the image(s) in question?

I always edit virtual copies in collections, and like you, get TIFFs returned back to the same collection. I haven’t seen this issue using LR 5.7 and Topaz Studio V1.14.4 - haven’t updated to V1.14.5 yet.

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Anything is possible. Thing is I am doing nothing different than I was 6 months ago…and I was not having this problem. I just tried a few more times. Once it worked the way I thought it should, both the original and the Topaz edited TIFF were in the collection. Next time neither was in the collection, but they were both in the Dated original folder. Last time I tried it…I made some changes in Topaz. Hit the apply button. Went and tried using the Save File under the File tab. Neither image showed up in the collection, the same message was in the Develop panel…and once I went back to the Original Dated folder and found both the edits…the edits made in Topaz were not there. Really getting frustrated here.

Not getting much help from Adobe…it appears to be a problem with LR as I have the same problems when I send an image to PS. I am waiting on an answer to my latest question…I always hit send a copy with LR adjustments when sending an image to an “external editor”. I noticed today that, sporadically, after exporting the image to Topaz that if I go back into LR the Develop panel is empty. Now if LR is creating a “copy” why is this happening? Sadly I have back to back to back weekends coming up at the track, which is going to stop me from doing what I want to do and that is to wipe out my C: drive and start fresh. I know that if the problem is truly with LR that this will not help…but at the very least it would rule out any sort of PC problem on my end…