One Of My Favorite Tigers

Another screenshot of Seth , at Big Cat Rescue, in Florida.
Opened it in another editor (AP), then decided to move it over to Studio for all processing. Started out with the Clarity Workflow settings, played with those a bit, applied. Used a duplicate of the original image an applied a sketch preset., then blended it with the image I’d one with Clarity. Then Blended to another copy of the Clarity image, framed, and titled.


Love the picture and edit . I do find the sig somewhat distracting to the whole image tho . Perhaps move it to the inside of the white border and make it smaller with a different font . Perhaps scriptive fonts .


I thought of changing the font & size of the title/date, but not until AFTER I’d saved it , and closed out of TS. Especially, since most of the folks who see it, elsewhere, recognize Seth when they see him! :wink:

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Beautifully edited… well done.

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Very nice shot and nice processing!

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