On The Shelf

TS2, which seems to be on the shelf as well or on the back burner. Pity that development has stopped, it had potential but I guess now we’ll never see that potential realised.


TS1 or TS2? Isn’t TS2 the new flagship of HMS Topaz?

Who knows, Jack, who knows. TS2 is the prettier of the two but is for occasional use only. The two need smashing together, in a kind of Vulcan mind meld. To boldly go…


The delays on TS2 are allowing me to once more make friends with Nik and Corel Painter!

Who knows, my Topaz Days may be behind me!!! :slight_smile:


Super looking image …

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I rarely use TS2. It caused me too many problems. My first go to is the original plugins. Reliable - although not supported anymore. If I want a Studio alternative, it is always TS1. More and more, I am not using Topaz.
Topaz sort out the problems like you used to do, before release. It is not a race. You should be concentrating on quality products like you did in the past and getting it right before release, instead of alienating customers because things don’t work and then there are too many updates that wreck machine’s registry

  • in my humble opinion.