On or Off... no inbetween

Just got this program. It can do amazing things but all three modes of Dione do little to nothing and the Iris mode is either on or off. It often over corrects the shot making it look artificial. When I use the manual adjustments no matter their setting I’m only getting one look. I can push them all to 100 or have them a 0 and I still get the same effect. Kinda of like going to Mc Donalds, they give you a choice but only make it one way!

I would recommend using Iris in manual mode :slight_smile:

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Thanks @ida.topazlabs for the suggestion!

Then I take the opportunity to ask you for a clarification: can you explain more about how the “Relative to Auto” parameter works? How can I best set it depending on the type of video I choose as input?

I am in manual mode. Doesn’t matter what the parameters are set to, I get the same results.

To my understanding whatever is left at “0” is on “Auto” and any other parameters you change the value to, either it is the value you set, like in manual mode or it is the value delta/value increment from what Auto mode uses, and that is where I am uncertain.
for example : if auto would set this value to 15 (behind the scenes) and you set it manually to 30 so it would be 45.
that is something I would also like to know what the values set in relative auto are. the Auto value + the manual value or just a fixed manual value, overriding any Auto mode for that parameter that was not left at “0”.

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“relative to auto” means that all values are set automatic but you have the option to rise or lower it to a certain degree by using the sliders.

Proteus will determine the optimal settings and factor in your slider settings

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Thanks… however, I would like to understand the real difference between Proteus/Iris AUTO and the “RELATIVE to AUTO” :smile:

Relative to Auto is basically the same as Auto but you can rise or lower the Auto values manually a bit. Proteus is like Iris but with no face optimisation. :slight_smile:


now I got it right, thank you

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