On location use

I’m going to be on location in Vietnam – how can I set this up to function without an internet connection?

After activation online you can work completely offline if you pre download all the modules.
Found it on reddit, Download the complete Topaz Moules. it’s about 100GB total

hi - I am confused by your response. I most likely will not have internet in this remote location of Vietnam.

Every time I use the software, I am required to login into Topaz’s servers.

I need to be able to use the software without internet. I will download the all of the data files prior to my trip.

What is the solution to my dilema?


you don’t need to login each time you open the program. only once, your initial tool load up when you activate the tool to my understanding. you can quickly test it.

  1. load the tool and login/activate.
  2. turn off your internet (even by switching off your router or disable your NIC/WiFi on your computer.
  3. launch the tool again and see if it works. don’t forget you need to pre-download the modules before hand to really test that it works fully.