"Oh, It Was Absinthe, not Anisette, Was It"

exhibit of bottles at the Boston MFA


Colorfully abstract!

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thanks very much, Wayne - absinthe will do that to you

Awesome work …

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Well Flick, as the crow flies I am about 30 miles away from the Neuchatel area in Switzerland where absinthe was ‘invented’. Still I have never tried it in my life. BTW from 1910 to 2005 it was prohibited in Switzerland and some restrictions about the contents are still in place. Here is what Wikipedia knows about it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Absinthe
So be careful - but if you produce images like this one it seems you had the recommended dose (smile)

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thanks Peter - it was forbidden in this country (the US) from 1912 until a few years ago - I have tried it a few times but don’t really like anise in any drinks

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Guys – never tried it but … “Verboten” makes me want to try
AND @FlickColeman - great images we’re seeing from you