Official test video and benchmark distribution and analysis

Can Topaz distribute test videos and benchmarks to beta testers to investigate what the bottlenecks are by conducting a common test?

Currently, each tester is using different videos and different methods to investigate, so the test results are inconsistent.

For example, if we prepare 480i, 480p, 1080i, and 1080p test videos, perform common tests such as 2x scale and 4x scale, and have them compare the specs of each PC (CPU, GPU, MEM, SSD, HDD…) If we let them compare the results, it would be easier to grasp the cause of the problem.
Also, if the models and versions tested are collected, comparisons can be made easily.

The benchmark results obtained would also be useful for users to consider what they can do to improve the speed of their PCs.

  • Video for testing
  • Benchmarking tools
  • Dedicated site for submitting benchmarks(It is preferable that users can view and compare the collection results. Examples are 3D Mark.)

I strongly request that the above.

This would be awesome. The site with uploaded results would be great for people to determine what kind of hardware they might need to upgrade or not.


I think Topaz is working on some sort of a test or benchmark function. There was something to read about it some days ago.

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Quote from Developer,

What I want, as I wrote in another thread, is the ability to do the same test and compare between users.

If only a benchmarking function is included, it is not possible to compare users because each user can only test with whatever videos they want.

By comparing the results of common test videos processed with the same settings, we can measure the difference in processing speed due to differences between CPUs, GPUs, and VEAI ver, which can be information for Topaz to investigate software bottlenecks and for users to enhance their hardware.

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A positive and necessary associative proposal. Compare real results starting from the same source.
Words should be superfluous in an image… this practical comparison creates bridges and facilitates the necessary understanding between computer scientists and Topaz users.

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