Odontoglossum crispum

OK, so Wikipedia notes this wonderful jewel is “considered by many to be the most beautiful orchid of all but is also one of the most difficult to grow.” Do tell…

Native to Columbia, it is found at altitudes of between 6,000 and 10,000 ft with day temperatures of 66-70 F and night temps of 50-53 F. Well, it seems the plant is quite adaptable because I’m at 1200 feet with day temps 80-85 and night temps 68-72 (Yeah, I know what you are thinking). That, and I pretty much ignore it. Survival of the fittest is my motto. And yet, it flowers every January.

Also, according to Wikipedia, “ideally, the plants grow best in a cool marine climate, such as the California fog belt or the Pacific Northwest. Elsewhere, high daytime temperatures will enfeeble and destroy it, unless air-conditioning is available.”

I wonder what this thing would do if I actually took care of it? If nothing else, I think I’ll move it into a shadier location.


its habitat is not “broken” so why do you want to fix it?

I like your framing on this one…it stands out very well.